Sidney Ganis, former Senior VP of Lucasfilm, President of Paramount Pictures, Chairman of Columbia Pictures, and President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Currently President of his own production company, Out of the Blue Entertainment, Los Angeles, California, USA:
"Sally and I worked together many years ago at Lucas Film. In those days she amazed me with her thoroughness and her complete attention to the needs at hand - often complicated and always public. From what I read from others who know her today she remains exactly that way. I’m happy that she continues doing good work."
Biographer Meryle Secrest, U.S.A.:
"I also want to thank Sally Gordon Mark, the researcher who had been so important in the success of Hal Vaughan's book "Sleeping with the Enemy," an account of Coco Chanel's wartime activities. Sally Gordon Mark was a very great help in tracking down the relevant sources..."  
Biographer Selina Hastings, London, England:
“Sally Gordon-Mark is a researcher of outstanding talent. Thorough, resourceful and courageous, she is an accomplished linguist, with a remarkable knowledge of the history and literature both of Europe and the United States. She has a wide experience of working in libraries, archives and private collections, and a writer herself, she is also an excellent editor and consultant. There is no-one I can recommend more highly.”

Marco Horvat, Paris, France, Artistic Director of the early music ensemble FAENZA:


"Sally Gordon-Mark has translated from French to English the presentation of the programs created and performed by the early music ensemble FAENZA, of which I am the Artistic Director. She works quickly and efficiently. She is conscientious and doesn't draw back from the effort it requires to render the exact meaning of a sentence, of a turn of phrase, of a word.


The result: I always have the impression in reading my texts that Sally has translated into English what I  would have written myself in this language, a thing of which I would be incapable in reality! Her spelling in French is irreproachable, and she also speaks and writes Italian, which is extremely useful for everything having to do with music.


A musician herself, Sally knows perfectly the technical vocabulary of music. She sets about her research with curiosity and a strong appetite because she loves words as much as she respects them. Going beyond precision and technique, she has an aesthetic approach to language which makes her look for its elegance and musicality, while respecting the original text. Sally is therefore the ideal collaborator in translating your thoughts : nothing but happiness will be the result!"

Film Producer Robert Watts, U.K. (Honorary President of Sci Fi Archives):


I first met Sally Gordon in 1983 when she was working with Sid Ganis in the marketing and publicity department at Lucasfilm where I was doing the post production for "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom". The film opened in 1984 and Sally's contribution to the publicity and marketing of the film greatly assisted in making it a hit movie.


Over 20 years later I met Sally again now living in Paris. She had completed research for Hal Vaughan who wrote a book about Coco Chanel and her liaisons with the German Nazi party who were then occupying most of France including Paris. I met with the author and he told me what a magnificent job Sally had done in the research of the book.


She is now writing my biography.  I have learned so much about my family as a result of Sally's research. As well as being researcher, she is a magnificent musician, playing to a professional level. It is always exciting to me to meet a multi talented person and Sally more than fits that category.  I look forward to working with her on other projects in the future.

Biographer Manfred Flügge, Berlin, Germany:

"For several years, Sally Gordon-Mark has been a colleague that I appreciate enormously. Whether it be in France, in the United States, in Great Britain or even in Germany, her help has been useful to me for my biographies on the lives of German emigrants between 1933 and 1945. I have profited many times from her immense and indomitable aptitude for research. She has tracked down letters, documents and accounts in archives the most remote and the most unlikely.
What's more, through her multiple contacts, she has put me in touch with researchers and authors in several different countries. This has enriched my work in a considerable fashion. I would also like to mention her boundless generosity, her precision, her trustworthiness. It is one of the great joys in my life that in the course of her own research, she was able to track me down!”

George Gibbs, U.K., Special Visual Effects Supervisor, GGibbs Film & TV Service:


"I have known Sally for many years & can recommend & would always promote her work as a writer. "

David Larson, U.S.A., Graphic Designer:


"Sally has interviewed me for a research project that she is working on. As a researcher myself, I found her to be very prepared with her questions and background research. Also, she was very intuitive with asking the all-important follow up questions that usually elicit the most information. I would recommend her to any organization or operation the requires historical research and investigation."


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