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Historical Research

Fluent in spoken and written, current and archaic French and Italian, I am conversant with the procedures related to the research  of documents in national, regional, local and university libraries and archive centers.


Skilled in consulting  archive catalogues -  on site and online, I have brought to light documents that had lain unnoticed in the National Archives (London), several sites of the Bibliothèque nationale de France,  the military archives in the Château de Vincennes, several sites of the French national archives, and the archives of the Préfecture de police in Paris... Major projects include research in France for two biographies, and most recently for The Benjamin Franklin Papers, Yale University:

  • The international bestseller, "Sleeping With the Enemy: Coco Chanel's Secret War" (Hal Vaughan, Random House, Alfred A. Knopf, 2011). I assisted the writer at every stage, including the research for photographs and drawings, and fact verification. In reviews of the book, critics praised its "impressive research and the never-before-seen information." (Isabel Schwab, The New Republic)

  • Elsa Schiaparelli: a biography, by Meryle Secrest (Alfred A. Knopf, Random House, 2014). "Sally Gordon Mark was a very great help in tracking down the relevant sources.." (page xix)


From French and Italian (current and archaic) to English.

Clients have included:  Warner Classics/Erato, Le Ministère de la Culture, l'Atelier Ducornet, La Fondation Cartier, Artist Rebecca Campeau, l'Arte lirica Paris, the early music ensemble Faenza...

You can depend on my translation skills, not only because I am meticulous and conscientious, but because of my linguistic and writing skills. Being a musician, I am particularly responsive to the timbre and rhythm of words. Also I am skilled in the sensitive rewriting required to accurately and precisely express the meanings in the original texts. 



Writing Services

My services include proofreading and editing of texts in English, Italian and French, including screenplays, articles, CD and DVD liner notes and booklets, and books. I have worked on projects for Warner Bros. Records, Zoetrope Studios and Lucasfilm in the U.S., and for writers in France.


While employed by Warner Bros. Records and Lucasfilm Ltd., I was regularly given writing projects related to promotion and public relations. On a freelance basis, I wrote and sold four scripts to Lucasfilm for the "Droids" television series.


For Lucasfilm, I co-adapted the screenplay of the film and supervised the production (uncredited) of the Grammy-winning LP, "Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Movie on Record," the first of its kind achieved without narration.


For the late Hal Vaughan, I edited and proofread his last book, "A Purple Heart at Far Acres Farm." 


Having written articles in English and in French, I am currently writing the biography of film producer, Robert Watts.

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